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Communication bridges

Communication bridges made of fiberglass composite fit all modern requirements as well as external environmental and operational challenges. Bridges manufactured by COMPOR have a non-slip coating (based on corundum), they are not exposed to the risks of corrosion and electro corrosion, they do not need to be painted or repainted, do not conduct electricity and practically resistant to icing.

COMPOR provides the production of communication bridges of any type and length: including technical development, production and maintenance of projects.

Constructions for port infrastructure

COMPOR manufactures various elements required for ports and port infrastructure from fiberglass composite material: service platforms, transition bridges, overpasses, bridges for various communications, fencing, staircase and hangar constructions, etc.

Fiberglass composite material is by 75% lighter than metal, and is ideally suited for use in aggressive environments fully maintaining its technical and aesthetic properties within the temperature range from -120°C to +120°C.

Structures and constructions made of fiberglass composite do not accumulate static electricity, not exposed to the risk of corrosion. There’s no need to repaint and ready to mount constructions are easy to transport and assemble in practically any conditions.

COMPOR performs project development, construction, repair and maintenance of all its own manufactured engineering structures.