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The construction of noise protection wall

Noise protection walls made of fiberglass composite are a long-lasting solution that is ideal for aggressive environments. The noise protection walls manufactured by COMPOR provide significant benefits to the customer and the residents for whose comfort these walls are installed.

The soundproof wall construction may consist of transparent, opaque or combined screens or panels. The combined screen anti-noise wall construction consists of a transparent screen with an impact-resistant, durable frame made of fiberglass composite, support poles made of composite wide flange beams and an opaque panel filled with eco-wool filling.

Noise protection walls

COMPOR manufactures noise protection walls or noise protection screens from fiberglass composite, as well as panels with sound absorption.

Compared to traditional metal constructions, fiberglass composite has several significant advantages. The composite material is 75% lighter than metal, it is resistant to chemicals, does not expose to ultraviolet radiation and is excellently suitable for use in aggressive environments without losing its technical and aesthetic properties in the temperature range from -120°C to +120°C.

Fiberglass composite structures made by COMPOR are not exposed to the risk of corrosion, do not need to be repainted and are easy to transport and assemble in virtually any condition.