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Cable bridge

Cable bridge is one of the most sought-after types of bridges. COMPOR manufactures cable bridges from fiberglass composite with smooth, continuous deck and  anti-slip surface. Due to the durable properties of fiberglass composite material bridge structures are not exposed to the risk of corrosion and do not need to be repainted.

This type of bridge constructions withstands temperature fluctuations, humidity and retains its mechanical, functional and aesthetic properties even under continuous influence of salt and UV radiation.

COMPOR provides design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of various bridge structures, using not only glass composites, but also concrete supports, ties and metal structures, according to the technical design and customer’s requirements.

Bridge constructions

COMPOR manufactures various bridge constructions from fiberglass composite or various combined materials. Fiberglass composite material is characterized by durability, chemical and UV-resistance, dielectric mechanical and fire resistance. The composite is not exposed to the risk of corrosion and is 75% lighter than metal. All this makes the fiberglass composite excellent for use in various bridge constructions.

COMPOR fiberglass composite structures do not need to be repainted and are easy to transport and assemble in virtually any conditions. Besides, the composite material has excellent thermal conductivity properties comparable to wood.

COMPOR provides full service of production of bridge constructions from fiberglass composite and other materials: technical development, production, transportation, mounting and maintenance.