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Street fencing and tunnels

Street fencing constructions and tunnels made of fiberglass composite material is a modern solution to a long-term infrastructure problem - corrosion. The urban elements produced by COMPOR are excellent for use in such aggressive environments. They have mechanical strength and do not require painting, because the composite is not exposed to the risk of corrosion and the structures are painted during the production process, choosing the desired color according to the RAL catalog. As the composite material is 75% lighter than metal, the finished street and tunnel fencing structures are easy to transport and assemble.

Elements of railway infrastructure

COMPOR manufactures various elements for the railway and its infrastructure from fiberglass composite material: railway platforms, platforms, pedestrian bridges and crossings, bridges for various communications, fencing, service platforms, lighting and observation towers, hangar structures, noise barriers, traverses, benches, etc.

Fiberglass composite material is a dielectric material that is not subject to environmental corrosion and electro corrosion. It is 75% lighter than metal and is ideal for use in aggressive environments without losing its technical and aesthetic properties in the temperature range from -120°C to +120°C.

Fiberglass composite structures made by COMPOR are not exposed to the risk of corrosion, do not need to be repainted and are easy to transport and assemble in virtually any condition.

The company COMPOR performs project development, construction, repair and maintenance of infrastructure technical equipment for all its own engineering structures.