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COMPOR manufactures a wide range of products from fiberglass composite material – also known as FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics). Different types of profiles, beams, pipes, plates, railings, decks, siding, as well as pedestrian bridges.

Main products – profiles are produced by pultrusion process. The end product contains up to 70% fiberglass filler and does not require additional processing. Additionally, the length of the profile is not limited and is usually depends upon customer's needs as well as transport options.

The pultrusion profile can be assigned certain strength parameters tailored to a specific need or functionality: fire resistance, electrical resistance, as well as other physico-mechanical properties.

The range of COMPOR finished products includes a wide range of profiles made of fiberglass composite, (FRP): window mounting brackets, various types of cable shelves, stair constructions, pencil cases for concealing cables, connecting elements, angles, as well as various accessories. In addition, COMPOR manufactures pedestrian bridges at its plant that are not exposed to the risk of corrosion, do not have to be repainted and retain their mechanical and visual properties for many years.