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Fiberglass composite is a material with a very wide range of applications and low operating costs: products made of fiberglass composite are long-lasting and do not require additional costs to maintain.

Bridges, ports, roads, railways, industry, energy, hydropower and urban infrastructure are areas where many sustainable solutions can be provided using fiberglass composite profiles and structures.

Businesses, municipalities, public authorities, individuals, customers and users of all kinds acquire sustainable buildings and structures with long-term resistance to corrosion, moisture, outdoor conditions and chemicals. The constructions made of fiberglass composite are pleasant to use, do not conduct heat and electricity as well as do not heat up in the sun, maintaining a cool feeling.

For architects, fiberglass material opens up new possibilities for energy-efficient and long-lasting buildings and structures, new design and economically feasible reconstruction of existing structures.

The main benefits of assembly companies are faster assembly using less equipment, including the ability to mount it in places where it is not possible or difficult to access the equipment.

In addition, COMPOR fiberglass composite products are an ideal solution for households. Profiles made of fiberglass composite are easy to install, they can be easily sawed, drilled and joined during the assembly process. One of the best advantages of fiberglass products is that they do not need to be painted. The desired color of profiles is added during manufacturing process.