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A plank with a working width of 500 mm (total width of the profile - 509 mm). Assembly of the plank elements is very easy: on the one hand there is a protrusion, on the other - a groove of appropriate size, which together form a lock system that is convenient for the assembler.

The configuration of the continuous deck manufactured by COMPOR is similar to the steel or aluminum deck, which ensures their convenient and quick replacement in various types of constructions. Fiberglass composite plank is perfect for aggressive environments, as it is protected from corrosion risks. This makes it an excellent substitute for the necessary elements in equivalent metal constructions.

An additional advantage that characterizes a composite plank is weight. Lifting mechanisms are not required for assembling the standard plank product. As a result, this type of plank is gaining in popularity in many parts of the world.

Additionally, an anti-slip coating can be applied to the continuous deck, if necessary.


The finished profile products are divided into 2 series, which are determined by the respective fire reaction class: C s2 d0 and B s1 d0.

The color of the profile is homogeneous throughout the cross-section, so in many cases no further additional painting of the profile is required during operation. However, if there is ever a need to paint a profile, it is easy to do, because fiberglass composite profiles have very good adhesive properties with the appropriate class of materials.

Profiles made of fiberglass composite are one of the main types of COMPOR products: angle, channel, wide flange beam, ladder rung, round tube, square tube, handrail, kick plate, siding, flat sheet, grating, planks and walls.

All these profiles and components serve as a basis for the production of various constructions: window mounting brackets, stair and hangar constructions as well as pedestrian bridges and a wide range of objects for port and urban infrastructure.