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COMPOR’s retaining walls from fiberglass composite are ideal solution for securing shores against slipping, as well as for protection against water leaching. They are perfect for fixing pit walls during repairs or the construction process. As fiberglass composite corrugated walls are not exposed to the risk of corrosion, they are well suited for long-term protection against soil erosion, for limiting groundwater infiltration or in areas with variable water levels where they serve as a threshold wall.

Since there are numerous possibilities in terms of  colors and shapes, fiberglass composite products and pre-fabricated constructions are becoming increasingly popular in landscape architecture and planning.

As the fiberglass composite is not subject to corrosion risks and retains its functional properties in all climatic conditions, it is especially recommended for use in objects exposed to the external environment.

Besides, fiberglass composite is 75% lighter than steel!


The finished profile products are divided into 2 series, which are determined by the respective fire reaction class: C s2 d0 and B s1 d0.

The color of the profile is homogeneous throughout the cross-section, so in many cases no further additional painting of the profile is required during operation. However, if there is ever a need to paint a profile, it is easy to do, because fiberglass composite profiles have very good adhesive properties with the appropriate class of materials.

Profiles made of fiberglass composite are one of the main types of COMPOR products: angle, channel, wide flange beam, ladder rung, round tube, square tube, handrail, kick plate, siding, flat sheet, grating, planks and walls.

All these profiles and components serve as a basis for the production of various constructions: window mounting brackets, stair and hangar constructions as well as pedestrian bridges and a wide range of objects for port and urban infrastructure.